Viewing negative mentions of binding of IL2 (H. sapiens) and IL2 (H. sapiens)

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Haynes and Cohen (1993)IL-2IL-2Finally, despite the biological and physical similarities between Xenopus TCGF and mammalian IL-2, anti-human IL-2 monoclonal antibodies do not recognize Xenopus TCGF.
Aszalos et al. (1987)IL-2IL-2The cell population that did not effectively bind dans-CsA lacked IL-2 receptors and did not respond to CsA or IL-2 with immediate membrane potential changes.
Croze et al. (1988)IL-2IL-2IL-2 and hGH elicit their growth stimulation through different receptors since IL-2 does not compete with 125I-hGH for binding to Nb2 cells and Met14hGH, an antagonist of hGH, inhibits the hGH-stimulated growth of Nb2 cells but not that caused by IL-2.
Choi and Yoo (2002)rhIL-2rpIL-2However, anti-rpIL-2 antibody did not recognize rhIL-2, and anti-rhIL-2 antibody also did not react with rpIL-2 in the same assay.
Allegretta et al. (1986)lymphokineinterleukin-2These results suggest that the anti-interleukin-2 serum antibodies generated in the course of treatment do not react with the nonrecombinant lymphokine but recognize epitopes peculiar to recombinant forms which are not dependent on the amino acid substitution at position 125.
Hamada et al. (1989)IL 2IL 2ISS had no ability either to neutralize the activity of IL 2, or to compete with IL 2.
Sperandio et al. (2008)IL-2IL-2In this macromolecular complex, the presence of an equilibrium between several conformations has been observed and small molecules have been determined that prevent the interaction between IL-2 and its receptor IL-2R?