Viewing negative mentions of negative regulation of Cd8a (M. musculus) in T cells

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Appasamy et al. (1997)CD8T cellBestatin did not downregulate expression of CD8 by a mature CD8+ T cell clone.
Yager et al. (2010)CD8T cellVirus-specific CD8 T cell numbers and cytolytic function were not profoundly diminished with age.
Piguet et al. (1987)Ly-2T lymphocyteNeither depletion of the Ly-2+ nor that of the L3T4+ T lymphocyte subset by treatment with monoclonal antibody (performed in vitro, before injection or also by treatment of the recipient) did prevent the occurrence of ECN, indicating that both T lymphocyte subsets are capable of initiating the epidermal cell damage.
Hu et al. (2003)CD8T-cellOn the contrary, T-cell proliferation was significantly reduced in the CD8 subset but not in the CD4 subset in recipient mice treated with rapamycin.
MacNamara et al. (2008)CD8T-cellRJHM was unable to suppress the CD8(+) T-cell response elicited by RA59 in mice simultaneously infected with both strains, suggesting that RJHM does not cause generalized immunosuppression.
Abdul-Majid et al. (2003)CD8T cellsAntibody depletion of CD4(+) cells in wild-type mice protected from EAE, but not depletion of CD8(+) cells, although demyelination was reduced on removal of CD8(+) T cells.
Wallace et al. (1993)CD8T-cellRecent data also demonstrate that the requirement for CD4 and CD8 in negative selection of T cells is not absolute and may be regulated by T-cell receptor affinity for the deleting ligand, an interpretation consistent with the affinity model of thymic selection.
Belnoue et al. (2003)CD8T-cellInfected CCR2-deficient mice were as susceptible to cerebral malaria as wild-type mice were, and CD8(+) T-cell migration to the brain was not abolished.
Lang et al. (2007)CD8T cellSecond, partial T helper cell depletion did not reduce memory CD8+ T cell responses as tested in an in vivo cytotoxicity assay 150 days following infection [14].
De Silva et al. (1998)CD8T cellsIn contrast, depletion of CD8+ T cells did not reduce the incidence of gastritis.
Zhang et al. (2010)CD8T cellTheir IL-2 component was able to induce Treg cells but did not directly suppress CD8+ T cell response [17].
Homma et al. (2005)CD8T cellsAntitumour activity induced by DC/BNL + IL-12 was abrogated by depletion of CD4+ T cells, but not by depletion of CD8+ T cells or natural killer cells.
Kess et al. (2003)CD8T cellsBut only depletion of CD4(+) T cells, and not the removal of CD8(+) T cells, resulted in a complete clearance of the psoriasiform dermatitis.
Suzuki et al. (2005)CD8T cellsRESULTS: This study shows that the chemotherapeutic drug gemcitabine, given at a dose similar to the equivalent dose used in patients, was able to dramatically and specifically reduce the number of myeloid suppressor cells found in the spleens of animals bearing large tumors with no significant reductions in CD4(+) T cells, CD8(+) T cells, NK cells, macrophages, or B cells.
Tenbusch et al. (2008)CD8T cellIn contrast to the GM-OVA vaccines, the coexpression of GM-CSF and ovalbumin did not suppress CD8 T cell responses.
Morishima et al. (2010)CD8T cellsIn STAT1-deficient naive CD8+ T cells, IL-27-induced proliferation was not reduced but synergistic IFN-?
Caudill et al. (2006)CD8T cellsWe do not observe hyperproliferation of T cells lacking only one of these subunits, and thus hyperproliferation is independent of either reduced MHC class I expression in LMP7(-/-) mice or reduced CD8(+) T cell numbers in MECL-1(-/-) mice.
Wuest and Carr (2008)CD8T cellThe defect was not the result of an alternative receptor for CXCL10, as Ag-specific CD8(+) T cell recruitment was not reduced in mice which were deficient in both CXCL10 and CXCR3.
Orr et al. (2005)CD8T-cellThis increase in neurovirulence occurred despite the presence of a strong antigen-specific CD8 T-cell response, the size of which was not diminished in mice infected with 27US11 or 27m152 compared to 27gfp.
Thimme et al. (2008)CD8T cellFurther, CD8(+) T cells specific for the self-antigen AFP are present in the normal T cell repertoire and are not centrally or peripherally deleted.
Kakimi et al. (2000)CD8T cellsIn addition, prior antibody-mediated depletion of CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells from the mice did not diminish the ability of alpha-GalCer to trigger the disappearance of HBV from the liver, indicating that conventional T cells were not downstream mediators of this effect.
Miyagi et al. (2005)CD8T cellsThe protective effect of CpG-ODN, as shown by the prolonged survival, was completely and partially inhibited by depletion of CD4(+) or CD8(+) T cells, respectively, but not by depletion of other cells.