Viewing negative mentions of gene expression of YY1 (H. sapiens) in T cells

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Flament et al. (1994)deltaT cellIn contrast, the V delta 3 gene segment was used by a minority of the cells, and the V delta 2 was not expressed by any T cell clone.
Wahn et al. (1991)deltaT cellsA major proportion of the patient's peripheral T cells expressed a CD8+ and TCR-gamma/delta+ phenotype while CD4+ T cells were virtually absent.
Ohsawa et al. (1999)deltaT-cellTumor cells were frequently stained positively with monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for T lymphocytes, but were negative for T-cell receptor (TCR) beta and delta chain expression.
Autenrieth et al. (1992)deltaT-cellAll T-cell clones were positive for the interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor (Tac antigen, p55 subunit) and were negative for the gamma delta T-cell receptor.
Groettrup et al. (1992)deltaT cellTransfected T cell receptor (TCR) beta chain genes are expressed as homodimers on the surface of immature (Sci/ET27F) but not on mature (58 alpha-beta-) T cell lines which lack TCR alpha, gamma and delta chains.
Carson et al. (1991)deltaT cellsFor example, T cells that lack either the alpha, beta, or delta chains synthesize partial complexes that are eventually degraded. cDNAs encoding the six chains of receptor have become available recently.
Dianzani et al. (1989)deltaT cellFurthermore, they expressed the alpha/beta chains, but not the gamma/delta chains, of the T cell receptor, as could be determined by staining with the appropriate monoclonal antibodies.
Hayes and Love (2002)deltaT cellsHere, we report that, unlike alpha beta T CRs, most gamma delta TCRs expressed on ex vivo gamma delta T cells lack CD3 delta.
Robertson et al. (1996)deltaT cellNKL cells express CD2, CD6, CD11a, CD26, CD27, CD29, CD38, CD43, CD58, CD81, CD94, CD95, class II MHC, and the C1.7.1 antigen, but do not express detectable levels of CD3, CD4, CD5, CD8, CD14, CD19, CD20, CD28, alpha/beta or gamma/delta T cell receptors on the cell surface.
Zoubek et al. (1995)deltaT-cellMoreover, the lymphoma contained a monoallelic D delta 2-D delta 3 T-cell receptor gene rearrangement which was also absent in the ET.
Paganelli et al. (1994)deltaT cellsThe distribution of T cells expressing CD1, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD56, and the alpha/beta and gamma/delta receptors for antigen was comparable to that of newborns and normal adults, except for the absence of gamma/delta cells expressing the delta TCS-1 epitope.
Lima et al. (1994)deltaT cellMembrane alpha beta and gamma delta T cell receptors (TCRs) were not expressed and the beta chain TCR gene was in germline configuration.
Shivakumar et al. (1989)deltaT cellsAnother minor set of T cells found in the periphery are CD4-/CD8- (double negative) and express the gamma/delta TCR; these cells can manifest MHC-restricted or nonrestricted cytotoxicity but no helper function.