Viewing negative mentions of gene expression of IL2 (H. sapiens) in skin

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Document Target Regulator Anatomy Sentence
Flexner et al. (1990)IL-2skinWild type and a control vaccinia recombinant produced large (greater than 5000 mm2) skin ulcers in this species, but the IL-2 expressing recombinant produced no ulceration.
Jegasothy and Humeniuk (1981)lymphokineskinSeven of our 8 patients with Darier's disease showed complete anergy to common skin test antigens and their peripheral blood lymphocytes failed to produce the lymphokine, leukocyte inhibitory factor (LIF) in vitro when stimulated with the same antigens.
Blaschke et al. (1999)Interleukin-2skinInterleukin-2 expression, however, was weak or absent in samples from uninvolved skin, healthy controls and lesional psoriasis.
Satoguina et al. (2002)IL-2skinHere we show that in the chronic helminth infection onchocerciasis (river blindness), where patients have relatively little sign of dermatitis despite the presence of millions of small worms in the skin, T cells can be obtained which bear characteristics of Tr1 cells, producing no IL-2 or IL-4 but substantial amounts of IL-10, variable amounts of IL-5, and some IFN-gamma.
Karenko et al. (2001)interleukin-2skinThe cytokine expression pattern of the clonal cells in skin and lymph nodes was interleukin-2 and interferon-gamma negative and interleukin-4 positive.