Viewing negative mentions of positive regulation of IL2 (H. sapiens) in plasma

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Document Target Regulator Anatomy Sentence
Lei et al. (1994)IL-2plasmaThe lymph-to-plasma protein concentration ratio increased after IL-2 for thoracic duct but not for caudal mediastinal node lymph.
Ballmer-Weber et al. (1995)IL-2plasmaIL-2 and IL-6 were not detectable in the plasma prior to IL-2 injections and increased to 549 +/- 315 U ml-1 (P < 0.001) and 7 +/- 6 pg ml-1 (P < 0.01), respectively, after IL-2 administration.
Kutukculer et al. (1998)IL-2PlasmaPlasma IL-2 and IL-4 levels were not elevated and were found to be similar to those in the inactive phase and in healthy controls.
Niwa et al. (2001)IL-2plasmaOther allergic parameters, IgE, eosinophils and plasma IFN-gamma, IL-2, -5, and -10, were not elevated in the cancer patients.