Viewing negative mentions of positive regulation of Trav6-3 (M. musculus) in T cells

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Bonneville et al. (1990)TCRT cellsOur results show that the expression of the appropriate type of TCR-gamma/delta is not required for the Thy-1 expression by these T cells, suggesting that Thy-1 is not an activation marker.
Wang et al. (1999)TCRT lymphocytesScid mice express a truncated form of the catalytic subunit of the DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PKcs) and are unable to properly rearrange their Ig and TCR genes, resulting in a severe combined immunodeficiency that is characterized by arrested differentiation of B and T lymphocytes.
Seymour et al. (1998)TCRT cellsThis T cell unresponsiveness was shown not to require CD8+ or TCR-gamma/delta+ T cells or IFN-gamma.
Lamontagne et al. (2001)TCRT cellsThese results indicate that the attenuated phenotype of the YAC-MHV3 virus is related to two different mechanisms: the first involves no increase of intrahepatic CD4(+)alphabeta - TCR(inter) or NK-T cells, while the second favors the recruitment and activation of CD8(+) cells in liver.
Wang et al. (1996)TCRT cellTherefore, the expression of TCR genes can initiate at the earliest stages of T cell development, prior to exposure to the thymic microenvironment, and a functional recombinase system is not required for the production of these sterile TCR transcripts.
Kang et al. (2001)TCRT cellDifferentiation of alphabeta lineage T cells requires the surrogate alpha chain (pTalpha), which associates with the T cell receptor (TCR) beta chain to form the pre-TCR. gammadelta lineage development does not appear to involve an obligatory surrogate chain, but instead requires productive rearrangement and expression of both TCR gamma and delta genes.
Falvo et al. (2000)TCRT cellsConsistent with these findings, the transcriptional activity of CBP is strongly potentiated by TCR activation but not by virus infection of T cells.
van Oers et al. (1993)TCRT cellsFurthermore, constitutive phosphorylation of TCR zeta in T cells occurred independently of antigen stimulation and did not require CD4 or CD8 coreceptor expression.
Omoto et al. (1996)TCRT cellsAlthough these downmodulated T cells re-expressed their TCR-alpha beta on day 50, they could not respond to stimuli via TCR such as TCR cross-linking or alloantigens.
Smith and Potter (1998)TCRT cellsAlloreactive T cells that do not require TCR and CD8 coengagement are present in naive mice and contribute to graft rejection.
Dandekar et al. (2005)TCRT cellsThese results are consistent with models in which gammadelta T cells mediate demyelination using the same effector cytokine, IFN-gamma, as CD8 T cells and do so without a requirement for signaling through the TCR.
Scheinecker (2005)TCRT cellWithout antigen, however, phase two is abbreviated and T cell–DC contacts do not result in the expression of activation markers (CD25), cytokine production (IL-2) or cell division but do induce TCR signaling, which might represent TCR interaction with self-MHC ligands required for optimal foreign antigen reactivity [42].
Glatigny et al. (2007)TCRT cellsThe second molecular contact within the glycosylated peptide that is not dispensable for TCR triggering is the side chain primary amino group of Hyl264, because analogues chemically modified at that position were barely recognized by the T cells.
Ananieva et al. (2008)TCRT cellsWe also find that TCR stimulation is not a strong signal for ERK5 activation in primary murine T cells.
Tang et al. (2009)TCRT cellWhen we found that APCs pulsed with A9 failed to induce T cell phosphorylation of TCR-zeta and ZAP-70, we explored alternative signaling pathways.
Schallenberg et al. (2010)TCRT cellsThe results indicated that DC-targeted T reg cell conversion of adoptively transferred TCR transgenic CD4+ T cells is not enhanced in IL-6 gene-targeted recipients or upon treatment of IL-6–proficient recipients with neutralizing anti–IL-6 mAbs (unpublished data).
Tan et al. (2006)TCRT cellsIn addition, PKC theta-/- T cells failed to up-regulate LFA-1 expression in response to TCR activation, and LFA-1 expression was also significantly reduced in the spleens of MOG(35-55)-immunized PKC theta-/- mice as well as in in vitro-stimulated CD4+ T cells compared with wild-type mice.
Chong et al. (2005)TCRT cellsSocs1(null) T cells were found to be hypersensitive to multiple cytokines, including IL-1, IL-2, and IL-12, resulting in IFN-gamma production without requiring T-cell receptor (TCR) ligation.
Knirr et al. (2010)TCRT cellsIn general, TCR genes are activated, assembled and transcribed in T cells but not B cells.
Hahn et al. (1993)TCRT cellIn murine T cell hybridomas transfected with human CD2, we show that, unlike CD2-mediated IL-2 production, cell surface expression of the TCR-CD3 structure is not required for up-regulation of CD2 ligand avidity.
Yang and Reinherz (2001)TCRT cellTranslocation to lipid microdomains is independent of the T cell receptor (TCR) and, unlike inducible TCR-raft association, requires no tyrosine phosphorylation.
Holdener et al. (2008)TCRT cellsImportantly, neither TCR transgenic T cells nor transgenic expression of the autoantigen were required in this model, which brings it much closer to an immunological scenario that one could envision happening in human disease.
Komai-Koma et al. (2009)TCRT cellsFurthermore, LPS can synergize with IL-12 to polarize the CD8(+) T cells into cytotoxic T-cell 1 (Tc1) that produce IFN-gamma but not IL-4, with or without TCR activation.
Sportès et al. (2008)TCRT cellIn summary, rhIL-7 induces increases in total body T cell mass accompanied by an age-independent overall increase in TCR repertoire diversity.
Imam et al. (2010)TCRT cellsWe subsequently showed that this robust downregulation is neither specific to T cells, nor does it require a TCR?