Viewing negative mentions of binding of IL2 (H. sapiens) in lymphocytes

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Document Target Regulator Anatomy Sentence
Saito et al. (1991)IL-2lymphocyteAlthough the H (beta) chain expressed on lymphocytes can bind IL-2 with a Kd value of 1 nM (intermediate affinity), transfected fibroblasts expressing the H chain cannot bind IL-2, suggesting the involvement of other lymphocyte-specific factors for the function of the H chain.
Saito et al. (1991)IL-2lymphocytesWe found that lysates of transfected Cos7 cells expressing H chains can bind IL-2 when mixed with lysates from lymphocytes that cannot bind IL-2.
Tanaka et al. (1991)IL2TILFreshly isolated TIL cultured with autologous tumor cells for 48 h without IL2 were small, round and showed neither binding to nor killing of tumor cells.
Rice et al. (1992)IL-2lymphocyteThe addition of exogenous IL-2 did not counteract lymphocyte suppression.
Mathews and Witek-Janusek (1998)IL-2lymphocytesInterleukin-2 (IL-2)-activated lymphocytes interact directly with, and inhibit, the growth of Candida albicans hyphae.