Viewing negative mentions of localization of Cd4 (M. musculus) in T cells

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Document Target Regulator Anatomy Sentence
Yamashiro et al. (2002)CD4T cellsUpon antigen stimulation, CD4(+) T cells derived from these mice did not proliferate or secrete IL-2, but secreted TGF-beta1.
Neurath et al. (1995)CD4T cellsFurthermore, LP CD4+ T cells isolated from anti-IL-12-treated mice failed to secrete IFN-gamma upon in vitro stimulation.
Yang et al. (1990)CD4T cellsThe activated T cells are mainly CD4+ and secrete IL-2 and IFN-gamma but no IL-4.
Raz and Spiegelberg (1999)CD4T cellsIn contrast, mice immunized with pCMV-LacZ formed predominantly IgG2a antibodies and their CD4+ T cells secreted IFN-gamma but no IL-4 and IL-5.
Domingues et al. (2010)CD4T cellLesions were located throughout the CNS in both Th1 and Th17 recipients, with no significantly different preferential localization of CD4+ T cell infiltrates.
Caivano et al. (2010)CD4T cellsThe isotype of the induced antibodies was biased towards IgG1, and the E2-primed CD4+ T cells did not secrete IFN?.
Heldwein et al. (2003)CD4T cellsUnexpectedly, activated CD4(+) T cells from both TLR-deficient mouse strains secreted little IFN-gamma in vitro compared with control T cells.
Lech et al. (2008)CD4T cellIn the absence of Sigirr, CD4 T cell numbers were increased and CD4+CD25+ T cell numbers were reduced.