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Papasavvas et al. (2000)CD4T cellAfter a median interruption of 55 days of therapy accompanied by rebound of virus, reinitiated therapy in 4 of 5 subjects resulted in suppression of 98.86% of plasma virus load by 21-33 days and no significant decrease in CD4 T cell percentage from baseline.
Willey et al. (2003)CD4T cellsAlthough all of the vaccinated monkeys became infected, they displayed reduced postpeak viremia, had no significant loss of CD4(+) T cells, and have remained healthy for more than 15 months postinfection.
Marracci et al. (2006)CD4T-cellLA treatment of Con A stimulated PBMC specifically removed CD4 from the T-cell surface, but not CD3.
Lori et al. (1999)CD4T lymphocytesNo loss of naive CD4 T lymphocytes was observed, and recovery of up to 35% of naive CD8 T lymphocytes occurred in several weeks.
Vignali et al. (1996)CD4T cellThus, neither colocalization of CD4 and the TCR nor signal transduction via CD4 was solely responsible for the functional restoration of these T cell hybridomas by wild-type CD4.
Hofmann-Lehmann et al. (2001)CD4T-cellOne of the four infants remained uninfected after oral challenge with SHIV89.6P, and two infants had no or a delayed CD4(+) T-cell decline.
Singh et al. (2001)CD4T cellsIn this study, we have analyzed the tissue-specific changes in the env and nef in one macaque that developed neuroAIDS (macaque 50 O) and in three macaques that developed only a moderate or no significant loss of CD4(+) T cells and no neurological disease (macaques 50 Y, 20220, 20228) following inoculation with DeltavpuSHIV(KU-1bMC33).
Weiss et al. (2010)CD4T-cellOur results indicate that the level of HIV-DNA in PBMCs reflecting, at least in part, the size of the HIV reservoir and the number of CD4+ T cells, preferential targets of the virus, were independent predictors of CD4 T-cell decline.
Kakimoto et al. (2002)CD4T lymphocytesIn contrast, there appeared to be no reduction in the capacity for presentation of an HLA class II-binding peptide to the peptide-specific CD4(+) T lymphocytes.
Heath et al. (2009)CD4T cellsFurthermore, CD4+ T cells in BAL are infected at similar frequencies to CD4+ T cells found in blood in subjects with chronic infection, and are not massively depleted, as has been found in the GI tract [8].
Wing et al. (2003)CD4T cellsCD4 T cell activation by myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein is suppressed by adult but not cord blood CD25+ T cells.
Doria-Rose et al. (2003)CD4T cellsIn contrast, DNA priming/vaccinia virus boosting and vaccinia virus priming/DNA boosting vaccines both protected animals from disease: 11 of 12 macaques had no loss of CD4(+) T cells or moderate declines.
Newman et al. (2001)CD4T cellsModification of the Fc region of a primatized IgG antibody to human CD4 retains its ability to modulate CD4 receptors but does not deplete CD4(+) T cells in chimpanzees.
Sung and Rice (2006)CD4T cellsThese observations indicate that a large increase in the association of 7SK/HEXIM1 with P-TEFb does not generally repress gene expression in CD4+ T cells, consistent with our previous studies in PBLs [14].
Brooks et al. (2005)CD4T cellsHerein, we illustrate that virus-specific CD4 T cells are functionally inactivated early during the transition into viral persistence and fail to produce effector cytokines (i.e., interleukin-2 and tumor necrosis factor alpha), thereby compromising an efficient and effective antiviral immune response.
Hirohata et al. (2002)CD4T cellsBy contrast, any of sulfasalazine, SP, 5-ASA and 4-acethyl SP did not suppress the IFN-gamma production of immobilized anti-CD3 stimulated CD4+ T cells.
Todd et al. (1994)CD4T cellWe show here that introducing cells expressing the endogenous superantigen Mls 1a into an Mls 1b environment results in the induction of an anergic state with little or no depletion of V beta 6/CD4+ T cell from the peripheral T cell repertoire.
Rezvany et al. (2006)CD4T cellsThe clonally restricted pattern was significantly reduced in CD4 (P < 0.01) but not in CD8 T cells.
Rout et al. (2010)CD4T lymphocyteThe frequency of NKT lymphocytes within the CD8+ and DN T lymphocyte subsets were also similar between SIV-negative and naturally SIV-infected sooty mangabeys (Figure 8B–C), indicating that there was no depletion of CD4?
Basch et al. (1996)CD4T cellsCD4 expression is not limited to T cells and monocytes.
Pahwa (2007)CD4T cellsA subset of patients, however, fail to recover CD4 T cells despite virologic suppression.
Ergin et al. (2007)CD4T cellsIn contrast, treatment of protein 253 with LPS removal beads did not reduce the frequency of stimulated CD4+ T cells.