Viewing negative mentions of negative regulation of CD8A (H. sapiens) in T cells

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Curtis et al. (1993)CD8T cellsWe found that depletion of CD8+ T cells neither decreased recruitment of immune and inflammatory cells nor prolonged the pulmonary immune response.
L├╝tjen et al. (2006)CD8T cellsHowever, reinfection of chronically infected mice that had been depleted of CD4 T cells in the acute stage of infection did not reverse the impaired IFN-gamma production of intracerebral CD8 T cells.
Costa et al. (2001)CD8T cellsRESULTS: No significant reduction of iNKR expression on CD8 T cells was observed by 6 months.
Coleman et al. (2005)CD8T-cellOur results show for the first time that CD8+ T-cell function is not permanently suppressed in advanced cancer and successful chemotherapy is associated with improved antigen-specific T-cell reactivity.
Kienzle et al. (2004)CD8T cellsCD8low T cells have downregulated CD8 alpha/beta heterodimers and no preferential CD8 alpha/alpha homodimer expression.
Rep et al. (1997)CD8T cellTreatment resulted in a long-lasting depletion of CD4(pos) T cells but did not affect CD8(pos) T cell numbers.
Sharma et al. (2008)CD8T-cellNo comprehensive evaluation of CD8+ T-cell expression of CD127 in HIV-infected children has appeared.
Cappellesso-Fleury et al. (2010)CD8T lymphocytesWe show that fibroblasts' immunosuppressive capacity is independent from prostaglandin E2, IL-10 and the tryptophan catabolising enzyme indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase and is not abrogated after the depletion of CD8+ T lymphocytes, NK cells and monocytes.
Sousa et al. (1999)CD8T cellUsing single cell analysis by flow cytometry, we show that a significant recovery in the frequency of IL-2-producing cells was only observed in patients with a sustained control of viral replication and that the overexpanded CD8 T cell population of CD28- IFN-gamma + cells was not significantly reduced after 1 yr of effective therapy.
Wang and Xie (1996)CD8T-lymphocyteWhether CD3+ and CD4+/CD8+ decrease or not following the use of MAbs, the T-lymphocyte subsets may interfere significantly with the therapeutic results of MAbs. 5.
Foley et al. (2008)CD8T cellTo better understand the molecular mechanism of this GVHD therapy, Th2 cells were generated from wild-type (WT), IL-4 deficient (KO), or IL-10 KO donors: remarkably, recipients of IL-4 or IL-10 KO Th2 cells had no survival advantage, no improvement in GVHD by histology, no reduction in CD8(+) T cell expansion post-BMT, and no in vivo shift toward type II cytokines.