Viewing negative mentions of gene expression of IL2 (H. sapiens) in thymocytes

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Watanabe (1986)IL2thymocytesThey were as follows; (1) mature T lymphocytes, fraction I and II, which produced IL2, responded to IL2 and had both suppressor and helper function; (2) immature thymocytes, fraction III and a part of IV, which responded to IL2 without production of IL2 and had neither suppressor nor helper function, but suppressor function was induced by Con A with IL2 from this group of thymocytes; (3) immature thymocytes, a major part of fraction IV, which had no IL2 production and no responsibility, and had neither suppressor nor helper function.
Reem and Yeh (1985)IL 2thymocytesThe results indicate that thymocytes cultured in complete medium do not express receptors for IL 2, nor did IL 2 by itself induce the expression of IL 2 receptors.
Reem et al. (1984)IL-2thymocytesThis study was designed to investigate whether or not human thymocytes can synthesize and respond to interleukin-2 (IL-2).
Lattime and Stutman (1986)IL 2thymocyteCell-cell mixing experiments and limiting dilution analysis were consistent with a loss of the self-Ia-reactive IL 2-producing thymocyte in the adult, with no evidence for active suppression found.
Raulet (1985)interleukin-2thymocytesHere we report that 30% of cells in the least mature adult thymocyte subpopulation yet defined, as well as 50% of immature fetal thymocytes, express receptors for interleukin-2 (IL-2, the T-cell growth factor) without in vitro induction, and will proliferate vigorously in an IL-2-dependent fashion if provided with co-stimulating mitogen.
He et al. (2000)IL-2thymocytesCD4+CD8+ double-positive (DP) immature thymocytes exhibit distinct phenotypic features from mature T cells; they express only 10% of surface TCR that are found on mature T cells and do not proliferate and produce IL-2 in response to stimulation.
Fischer et al. (1991)IL-2thymocytesCD3-4-8- thymocytes produced IL-2, IFN-gamma, and TNF-alpha (but not IL-4) when activated by calcium ionophore + PMA and IL-1.
Watkins et al. (1988)TCGFthymocytesStimulation of larval thymocytes with PHA does not produce a TCGF-rich SN as assayed by proliferation of lymphoblasts.
Zlotnik et al. (1992)IL-2thymocytesThese cells produced cytokines upon activation with solid phase anti-CD3 mAb. gamma delta TCR+ DN thymocytes produced IL-2, IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha, whereas alpha beta TCR+ DN thymocytes produced IL-4, IFN-gamma, and TNF-alpha but not IL-2.