Viewing negative mentions of transcription of IL2 (H. sapiens) in lymphocytes

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Noma et al. (1989)IL-2lymphocytesPatients' lymphocytes whose IL-2 responsiveness was decreased still expressed Tac antigen (low-affinity IL-2 receptors) but, in contrast to the patients' original lymphocytes, did not absorb or respond to IL-2, suggesting the loss of high-affinity IL-2 receptors (p55/p75) from these cells.
Isakov et al. (1985)IL 2-specificPBLFurthermore, IL 2-specific mRNA was not detected in TCD-stimulated PBL, demonstrating that IL 2 was not required for TCD-induced T cell proliferation.
L├╝scher et al. (1994)IL-2TILA primary tumor cell line was generated and cultured TIL were induced to transcribe IL-2 and IFN-gamma genes by incubation with the autologous irradiated tumor cell line, but not with autologous EBV-transformed cells.
Schaller et al. (1990)IL2lymphocytesAfter 2-3 weeks under immunosuppressive treatment with prednisolone and azathioprine, however, BP lymphocytes did not exhibit any IL2 receptors.
Vitolo et al. (1992)IL2LNLIn contrast, LNL not adjacent to the tumor in involved LN, as well as those in tumor-uninvolved LN, did not express mRNA for cytokines or IL2 receptor.
Zeitz et al. (1988)IL-2LPLThis finding was confirmed at the molecular level as IL-2 mRNA was not detected in unstimulated LPL but was found in concanavalin A-stimulated LPL.
Bill et al. (1994)IL-2lymphocyteThese effects on IL-2 mRNA were not general because IL-2 receptor mRNA stability was not changed even though it also is transiently expressed during the course of lymphocyte activation.